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Dan Balan

Music performer Dan Balan of the song, who has already been heard from the media for quite a long time, is a Moldovan singer, composer, producer, (rum. Dan Balan). Singer Dan Balan whose clips delight the weak half of society, in addition to everything else, is a multi-instrumentalist musician. He writes the music and lyrics of all songs without exception. By the way, this is the first and only Moldovan musician who was nominated for a Grammy as a co-author of the hit Live Your Life, which was performed by American singer Rihanna and rapper T.I. Studying the biography of the singer Dan Balan, the Wikipedia portal provides comprehensive information, this talented young man has in his arsenal the prestigious international awards of the music industry. On account of his awards Echo Awards, MTV Music Awards and many others. Author and performer of world and European hits "Chica Bomb", "Justify Sex", "Freedom".

Dan Balan dreamed of becoming a musician since childhood, but his parents wanted him to get a “serious profession”. At first he listened to those close to him. But still, fate decreed otherwise.

The boy was born into a fairly wealthy family. Dan's father was a diplomat, his mother was a well-known TV presenter in Moldova. The childhood was eventful.

For the first time he performed in front of the public at one of the entertainment shows at the age of 4. This was followed by music lessons, to which the boy was very enthusiastic. At the age of 11, his parents gave Dan an accordion. The boy did not just practice the exercises assigned by the teacher. He composed music and even wrote waltzes.

From an early age, the guy performed in several musical genres. And already in 1999 Dan played a key role in the creation of the O-Zone trio. Releasing their first album in the same year, O-Zone has achieved worldwide recognition with a series of hit singles such as Despre Tine and Dragostea Din Tei. The composition "Dragostea Dei Tei" has reached the 1st place in more than 30 countries around the world. It also took 3rd place in the UK sales chart and distributed over 12 million copies worldwide. It was one of the best selling singles across Europe and Japan in 2004 and 2005 respectively. This single was released in 14 languages. O-Zone's best-selling album, the multi-platinum DiscOzone (2004), has sold over 3, 500, 000 copies and has been very successful in Japan.

Following the success of O-Zone, Dan Balan subsequently moved to Los Angeles to become a producer himself and record solo material in the studio. Working with producer Jack Joseph Puig, who previously worked with John Mayer, Sherrill Crow, No Doubt and The Rolling Stones, Balan has developed a unique and immersive signature sound for his debut solo album.

He currently resides in New York. For everyone who wants to get acquainted with the creative activities of Dan Balan, it is possible to listen to online compositions without difficulty, both on the singer's official website and on other music portals.